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way of life

ABOUT US studio aspire to cultivate the dynamic which emerges in between people in a creative process, those sparkling moments surfacing in interactions.

We are a creative & production studio based in Shanghai with multifaceted expertises in Fashion, Cosmetic & Luxury industries. Our extensive network of talents, and resources in China and worldwide, generates an organic agency model, where versatility and flexibility synergies adapt to variable business circumstances.

We see creation as an optimistic energy, as a forward thinking way of life. Yes, we love to create, we love to collaborate with passionate people, foster visionary artists and consolidate ambitious projects. It inspires us and lifts up our lives with spirits and visions.

We offer :
Production services for photography and video from global campaigns to editorials,
Creative direction to elevate brand identity and create appealing images & videos, and
Art buying to source remarkable photographers and directors to boost your ideas. 

Throughout the years, we collaborated with various brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Cartier, Baume & Mercier, Calvin Klein, Sephora, Taobao, JNBY, Yue Sai (L’Oréal), EBEL (LVMH), Natura Cosmetics, Delsey, C&A, Martell, and leading magazines such as Vogue, Numero, GQ, ELLE, Madame Figaro, LIFE Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine. 

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ABOUT US的灵感来自创作所激发的能量,和互动中的闪光。

ABOUT US Studio 是成立于上海的创意制作公司,拥有国际化的背景和植根本土的经验,专注于时尚、美妆和奢侈品行业。我们在中国和世界各地拥有广泛的行业资源,以有机的艺术家代理模式和充满功能性和灵活性的协同效应,助力品牌适应当下多变的商业环境。


我们合作的品牌包括 路易威登(Louis Vuitton),爱马仕(Hermès),卡地亚(Cartier),名士表(Baume & Mercier),Calvin Klein,丝芙兰(Sephora),淘宝网(Taobao),江南布衣(JNBY),羽西(Yue Sai), 西雅一家(C&A), 马爹利(Martell)等。




From Global vision to detail attention we embrace a large spectrum of expertise to anticipate every step of the creative process from ideation to implementation.
We offer creative direction, brand strategy, art consulting and production services to meet any of our client challenges. Still, motion, fashion, beauty, commercial, editorial, art, small, large, here, there: we like to be daring.
Working with some of the most respected and talented people in the industry encouraged us to always raise our standards, yet personalising our services to clients requests and budgets


IN ASSOCIATION WITH OUR PARTNER GEGM Based in Paris, New York, Geneva and now Shanghai, we bring in town high end retouching for print campaign, deliver a unique dynamic charte system to adapt campaign layouts to any kind of format, and shoot exceptional images for product shooting on a 8k robotic camera.

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